Selsey Lifeboat House from the air

What better way to spend your birthday than being out taking photos – well, in my world that is pretty much a perfect day. A visit to Selsey Lifeboat House, the old structure is being removed in November ready for the new one. Shame it has to go, it is a great structure but would get in the way of the new lifeboat house.

Out came the Phantom 4 to capture this impressive building, what better way to see it than from the air.

The weather has been rotten most of the morning, so I really wasn’t sure how the photos from the Phantom 4 would come out. But WOW, those skies are super moody, worked so much better than I have expected. So impressed with how the Phantom 4 flies, takes images and video. Love this clip taken with the seagull flying towards me.