About me

A little bit about me.

Photography is my passion, sounds a cliché I know but it is true. I have been taking photos for years, learning and developing my skills through practice or accredited courses. I get a huge buzz from working with people on projects and then showing them the results.

Photography is subjective, what one person likes the other may not. That is why it is so creative and inspiring to me.

Why weddings?

I started taking wedding photos in 2014, my style is very natural, storytelling.

I don’t believe in getting in the way, it’s the couples day. I tell all my brides not to worry about me being there, I will blend into the background.

We meet up beforehand and go through everything so I know exactly what the couple want from me.

Every wedding is different, a new love story, with the wedding day starting a new chapter in the couples lives and being an old romantic at heart, I still get emotional behind the camera. It’s a massive privilege to take the photos of the biggest day of people’s lives and have them as the record which people will see, reminisce and go back to time and time again.

I pride myself in my work, and take great joy in sharing these magic moments with the happy couple after the big day; seeing them re-live the day through my photos.

Wildlife, Landscapes & Sport

Besides from the weddings, I am usually out with my camera at my local wildlife trust or down by the coast or at a sporting event taking photos. It’s what I live for.

Memberships & Certificates

RPS_Logo_RGBI am a Member of the Royal Photographic Society. In 2015, I passed my Certificate in Photography with the RPS and Open University. Although I had been taking photos for much longer, I love to learn and to help develop a better understanding of photography was right up my street.


I was thrilled to be awarded my LRPS in January 2018.


I am a Member of the City of London & Cripplegate Photographic Society – I never thought I would join a camera club, but it has been an eye opening experience to meet and talk to likeminded people who are equally very talented photographers. The speakers who come to the club are incredible, inspiring and talented people who just fill you with the photography bug even more. I would definitely recommend it.

I will let my photos do the talking….