Out with the camera in Cornwall

Landscape photography is a developing love, getting time away with my camera is the rest I  need to get all loved up with my camera again. This was my first time in Cornwall, I was in awe of it’s beauty. What a canvas to work with. Landscape photographing for me is like listening to classical music, very peaceful and gives me time to take everything in. I have been using filters for a few years now, nothing major and I truely aspire to take photos like some of the great landscape photographers at the moment. Using filters is not easy and I am very much a trial and error user, I play with settings until I get the shot I want. Might not be the best way but it helps me be creative.

Land’s End, Cornwall

The photo above was taken just before the heavens opened. A couple had walked along the cliff edge and set up camp below where I was standing. The lady in the photo was chilling out, which was perfect for my long exposure. I had a Lee Big stopper and 9ND filter on my Canon 5d Mark IV – I think this was about a 2 minute exposure. It wasn’t until I had time to look back at the image I saw she was perfectly placed in the corner of the image.

The Lizard, Cornwall

The dramatic photo above was taken at The Lizard. The weather hadn’t been great all day. I decided to get a different view point and loved how this photo came out.

Shot was taken on Canon 5d Mark IV, 24-105mm lens, Lee Filter, Big stopper and 6nd grad filter, exposure time about 1m 15 secs.

The Lizard, Cornwall

Much like the previous photo, this one overlooking the life boat house at The Lizard, was taken with a longer exposure time, Lee Filter Big Stopper and a 9ND filter. I wanted to show the movement in the waves below and sky.

Helston, The Lizard

The weather wasn’t great when I took this photo, the rain had started which is a nightmare when using filters and wanting to do long exposures. There was a break in the weather and I went to for the misty shot around the rocks. The photo is growing on me.

The photos above were taken very spontaneously, they just caught my eye. The boat at the end of the path which you can only just see begs you to go and check it out.

The postcard scene on a beautiful day (well it would have done on a good day!), looks like a photo taken on a film camera due to the bad weather, for me it added to it to give it a sense of mystery.

Behind the scenes shot – my Canon 5D Mark IV, Lee Filter with big stopper and a ND grad filter attached, trigger, tripod, warm trousers (a investment worth making) and comfy boots!

My landscape journey continues and has been recharged with the beauty of Cornwall.