It’s all about film – going back to basics

My Dad had a Pentax K1000 SLR camera (still has, just sits on the bookcase now), I used to look at it and wish I could take pictures with it. It was one of the things that inspired me to be a photographer. I looked so cool adjusting the focus using the ring on the lens and the sound of the shutter going. All quite romantic really. A couple of years ago I bought the exact same camera, I thought it would look great in my office as a vintage piece of art. Then a couple of months ago I decided to give film photography ago. I used a film camera when I first started taking photographs but swiftly moved to digital so this was more like a new adventure then stepping back into something I had done before.

Back to Basics
It is great going back to basics…. and this is basic, no auto focus, no checking the back of the camera to see the shot. Do everything manually. 36 exposures to use wisely so composition is crucial. Then putting your film in for developing (I haven’t got to developing my own film yet but that will be next) and waiting to see your results. Digital photography is so instant, you take it for granted, where as this, patience is required. Seeing what you have taken for the first time and assessing what came out well and what really didn’t!

Images on Film
These are some of my first film images which are my personal highlights…. I am really enjoying my journey using film… more to come.
Note: these are scans of the original negatives – had to get a gadget in there somewhere 🙂