This wedding was always going to be special in so many ways, my brother was getting married in a fairy tale wedding to the gorgeous Nikki, who was going to be my new sister-in-law. The excitement and love I have for the both of them is too much to described. I was buzzing for the wedding. To top all of that they had asked me to take the photos of their wedding.

To say I found the day emotional would be an understatement. Nick managed to reduce me to tears (of joy) too many times. I can’t really express how fabulous the day was. The venue, OMG, the venue, Hengrave Hall, wow!! The venue blew me away, it was stunning, the building was steeped in history and it was a beautiful backdrop for the day. The small church in the grounds was incredible. The rooms were huge!! I think every room had a 4 poster bed and each room was the size of a small flat! It all just helped to take amazing photos of two very special people. As a wedding photographer it is my job to ensure I capture every bit of a wedding and even being the sister of the groom I made sure that I wasn’t going to stop doing that now.

So these are my personal highlights of a fantastic day…



Quite possible my favourite photo…


I am always so excited to see my bride and groom after the wedding to show them their photos, it is such a special moment to watch their faces as they re-live their day through my photos. Even more exciting when it’s your brother and new sister-in-law!!! It was also a massive surprise to show them their Memory Magic Book – which is a brand new offering I am doing for all my future weddings. It is montage of the wedding photos displayed in a video book. Seeing their faces when they opened the box to see it and then open it and listen to the first few bars of music and see the photos was a priceless and super special moment.

All the love in the world to The Nicks, love big sis xx

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